formu+La founders:

"It all happened organically."

Aimee + Jasmine met in Palm Springs roughly around 2009. Aimee was commuting from the South Bay to Palm Desert while working for Guthy Ranker. Jasmine was going on her second year and second certification in the Pilates Industry. Aimee + Jasmine both signed up for a Pilates class in Palm Desert and were conveniently assigned neighboring reformers. Not thinking too much about it they exchanged info....

Aimee Goeppner, Owner, Wife, Mom, and fitness/nutrition enthusiast

I want to share what works for me. As a busy Mom of 6 kids, treating my body right is important to get through each day.

I love a challenging work-out and fueling my body with fresh, clean food.

Sharing this philosopy with my family, friends and clients motivates me to learn and grow in health. I firmly believe that by setting the right example we can teach our kids to LOVE good, healthy clean foods. Its quite normal for my 1 year old to drink beet juice on a regular basis, its what she has seen me drink and loves it.

I hope to sweat and grab a juice with each of you. Thanks for choosing formu+La.

Jasmine Micaela Sharp, [the SHARP method visionary] Owner, Machine Formulator, Educator, Culinary Enthusiast.

‘At a Glance’ Facts:
• Title: owner: formu+La pilates + juice, manhattan beach. architect: ‘the jasmine’ reformer machine
• Hometown: oakdale, ca Born: 1978
• Resides: manhattan beach, ca
• College: san diego state university BA communication emp: advertising minor: spanish lived abroad in Spain & Costa Rica
• Diet: flexitarian
• Ambassador for: VEGA, plant-based nutritional products, FABLETICS, Kate Hudson fitness clothing line, TOESOX, industry fitness treadsocks, JULES Los Angeles, manhattan
beach lifestyle line
• Fit Factor App Educator (Pilates + Barre) (workouts from your phone!)
• Spiritual Path: just that, spiritual
“Don’t Give UP. Get Better.” I like to hold clients accountable for WORKING with intention and form within my pilates studio. They give me an hour of THEIR time and I have that to enhance their mindset, and plant the seed to live a healthy lifestyle. FEEL an adrenaline rush, endorphin flush. I want them to leave with a smile and tell their friends. I was born with 'The Gift' and 'The Curse'. The Curse commencing as a child battling the dreaded fat gene, North America's epidemic...and being an athlete and dancer now rehabilitating bulging discs and interior tears surrounding the Spine. I have personally experienced the struggles of overcoming both. 'The Gift,' involves having the fitness education, culinary experience, and nonstop determination in regards to marketing and exposure to directly influence lives each and every day... I feel fortunate and proud I conceptualized and built LAB5 Fitness in Seattle while concurrently designing my own Pilates machine. I feel even better about doing is again in Los Angeles but this time BETTER by adding an organic juice bar and implementing Nutrient Dense Nutrition. And let's open or incorporate [the SHARP method] fitness technique in a city near you…asap !
I am grateful to share with you my journey, my vision, and my formula for life. Thank you for having a vested interest in your health, your wellness, enhancing your life and ultimately influencing those around you. I feel fortunate you are taking the time to read my manifesto. I give back to you with gratitude the two industries responsible for changing my life: pilates + juice. It is fair to say both pilates + juice entered my life organically. Born and raised within the farmlands Central California, I grew up with gardens of tomato, mint, watermelon, squash and peppers, as well as trees of peaches, plums, apricots, cherries, nectarines, almonds and the freshest honeycomb honey. This is where my green thumb came in, I have my family to thank for that! I sprouted quickly, standing the tallest in my class, I proved back handsprings and ballet does not always stunt one's growth. Pre-college I focused on the sports where my height gave me an advantage. My stature helped me excel in volleyball, basketball and swimming. All the team sports assisted in melting off that “baby fat” and I was determined to be Fit instead of Fat. Straight out of high school in 1996 I attended San Diego State University, I was diligent in my studies as well as sticking to my athletic roots, which became a catalyst for me to take on new challenges. I began surfing, weight training, kickboxing and Bikram's Yoga, appreciating the results the 108 degree temperature and 90 minute classes were having on the body. In 2002, I graduated with a BA in Communication, Advertising and a Spanish Minor. Post college I moved to Palm Springs and it was there I spent the next seven years heavily involved in Real Estate Development / Acquisitions, and then Commercial Real Estate. I was very satisfied with the business challenges however it was the stress that led me back what made me feel ALIVE and HAPPY, exercise. A new outdoor bootcamp launched during the deserts’ “winter,” and there was an opening for a Drill Instructor. This opened my eyes to what was truly rewarding; training other people to reach their health and fitness goals. I was able to utilize and incorporate my past training experiences to push my recruits to the next level and exceed that dreaded plateau. In early Fall 2007, Pilates Plus Palm Springs was the hottest new workout out of LA. Little did I know this new group exercise “machine” class would marry two of MY most cherished repertoires: dance and athletics. After one month of membership I was invited to instruct and I knew I wanted to dedicate every last hour to educate myself to be the BEST. I trained endlessly before becoming certified. I fell in love with the hybrid workout and knew this was the perfect way to combine the fundamental Pilates principles, weight training, flexibility and a heart pounding cardio regimen. By working closely with the PPPS owners, I was able to train in LA to further my education in addition to taking “parallel steps” and working with classical Pilates studios to further my understanding and education of Joseph Pilates original “Contrology” concepts, a purist approach. This included practicing spinal alignment, neutral spine and rehabilitation work on many different Pilates’ apparatus. I studied with Pilates Sports Center, a classical / progressive certification developed by a Chiropractor & a Dancer. I now had an understanding for Power & Purist Pilates, two entirely different animals and clientele for that matter, the missing link between the two had been filled. It was time for a new challenge. Lucky for me, two new studios were about to launch in San Diego, I had the opportunity to assist in the launch as Senior Trainer at both Pilates Plus La Jolla and Sculpt Solana Beach, I LOVED the idea of working so closely with both owners, to guarantee success for the two studios as well as providing a way back to the beach once a week, a nice luxury. It wasn’t too long before I was offered a top-notch opportunity to work with the most prestigious Golf Club in the desert, BIGHORN Golf Club. The Fitness Director position, gave me the opportunity to incorporate new programs at the club as well as take the lead as Senior Pilates Instructor. On another positive note, I was concurrently working with Indian Wells Country Club as their Pilates Instructor, I couldn’t have been more blessed with the members from their club as well. What a powerful influence they had on me. It was now Fall 2010, I was at the top of my fitness game, I accomplished everything I wanted to do by staying true to myself, remaining dedicated, relentless, passionate, blood, sweat, tears, I kept the Faith, and I never gave up. It was not easy, EVER, but the gratitude I felt by changing lives and collectin’ sweat, was ALL worth it. Fast forward to December 2010, I was offered a position to create a progressive fitness concept, develop and manufacture a reformer pilates machine and open a studio in Seattle, WA. This also included creating the fitness program [the SHARP method], develop it, brand it, create the website, hire and train the staff and LAUNCH the business. By late January 2011, we welcomed LAB5Fitness to Capitol Hill! I created a fitness program based on [the SHARP method] that involved a studio driven by 5 inspirational elements, LAB5_Fitness challenges the body and the mind by interconnecting [the LAB5]: PILATES (power & purist), BARRE, TRX and YOGA, by ways of cardio, strength training and flexibility which ultimately result in an overall sense of BALANCE. The studio successfully launched and the momentum is at a sprinting speed. We are all dedicated to bringing the masses together by creating a give-back culture that is passionate about fitness evolution and giving back by lifting the WORLD. After launching this project as hippie as it sounds I listened to my next calling, the universe had a new challenge: the city of Angels. I arrived in Los Angeles worked locally for many surrounding studios and planned the next project... This is where I am today, " THE PRESENT," in more ways than ONE. [the SHARP method] and formu+La pilates & juice has been building momentum since its conception, what’s in store next? Well, you will have to wait and see….be ready.

Fitness Career Highlights:
Present Day to Past:
• Selected to be Fit Factor App's lead educator for workouts from your phone for Pilates + Barre
• Conceptualized and Launched formu+La pilates & juice in Manhattan Beach, CA 12/12/12
• Conceptualized and Launched LAB5 FITNESS in Seattle, WA 04/01/11
• Designed ‘the jasmine’ Reformer Pilates machine with private manufacturer in Northern CA 12/2010
• Began conceptualizing and Launching [the SHARP method] in California 9/2010
• ‘The jasmine’ machine, to date, is now located at the following studios : LAB5Fitness, Seattle, WA (10), HIP, Hermosa Beach, CA (9), Country Club in Texas(4), FITMIX,
Hollywood, CA (10), formu+La pilates & juice, Manhattan Beach, CA (12), Plano, Texas Military Base, TX (1)
• Hired as Senior Trainer at 9 SPX studios: (Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, Venice, Brentwood, Hollywood & Santa Monica, La Jolla, Solana Beach, Palm Springs, CA)
• Director of Fitness at Bighorn Golf Club
• Pilates Educator at Indian Wells Country Club

Training Tip:
Surround yourself with people that make you better in every aspect of your life. Growth is the only Constant.”

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