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This Manhattan Beach Pilates Studio Is Different

formu+La would like to welcome you, come in, observe us as we cold-press your ORGANIC juice ONSITE, formu+La Manhattan Beach, right in front of your own eyes!
While you are at it indulge in our cold-pressed juices, VEGA protein shakes and go ahead, stay awhile at our juice bar or juice lounge. Bring your laptop! If it’s not our intoxicating herbs of mint, lavender, basil, rosemary, thyme, and honeysuckle making your senses celebrate with invigorated whirls …perhaps it’s that feeling of your spirits being uplifted from just a SMILE and a warm welcome. Our intentions are to captivate you through your senses. By utilizing fresh plants and herbaceous aromas we have the ability to organically enhance your mood, your health, and your overall wellness. We do this with aromas permeating through the air and indulging you in cold-pressed liquid luxuries packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Eating From The Earth

Eating and drinking directly from the earth helps you achieve an enriching nutrient-dense GLOW. Our tagline ‘Feel Your Body & Fuel Your Body’ came to us naturally, simply by ingesting cold-pressed juice and changing our eating lifestyle. We strive to offer 100% organic locally grown produce. We use top of the line juicers to include our Cold Press Juicer “Press Right 25” as well as our Vita Mix for our Nut Milks and Protein Smoothie Shakes. formu+La uses the Pressed Right 25 hydraulic steel plate press process which allows the body to absorb and ingest a higher quality nutrient dense vitamin, mineral and enzyme factor which in turn fuels and protects your body of free radicals and inflammation.

A Community Cold Pressed Juice Bar

Our formu+La juice bar offers two areas: the juice bar and the juice lounge. The juice bar includes a Breakfast Bar for laptoppers and kiddie study partners. Offering our cold-pressed ONSITE organic juices, nut milks, elixirs, tonics, for you to grab & go. We also offer wheatgrass shots, E3LIVE shots, pre workout optimizers, and recovery cellular restoration potion, just to name a few…AND lastly, our juice bar offers plant-based protein shakes as a daily meal replacement or a pre & post workout supplement. Our protein powder used is VEGA One and VEGA Performance.

The Vega Brand

*With VEGA One You get 50% of your daily intake of vitamins and minerals, 15 g protein, 6 g fiber, 1.5 g Omega-3, antioxidants, probiotics, greens, plus 500 mg of chlorella and 1000 mg of maca in every serving of VEGA One.

We Share Our Favorite Things With You

Breakfast Bar formu+La also offers our chandelier influenced Juice Lounge accompanied with our ‘formu+La FINDS’ Retail Area. (Oprah isn’t the only one with her favorite things!) formul+La juice lounge will carry wellness products to keep you feeling AH-MAZING!

Words Of Wisdom

*Keep in mind when attending your classes it is encouraged to “pre-order” your juice/protein shake so it will be ready on your way out of the studio.. Time is luxury, don’t spend it waiting…

Cold-pressed ORGANIC Juice Cleanse inquiries email us:

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