formu+La Body Pilates

formu+La Body Pilates

A Challenging Pilates Class

This full body-shocking workout will challenge you as well as provide visual & physical gratification. Your core will be rocked, your arms will be sculpted and your lower body will be tight and right! We fuse the holistic principles of Pilates and supercharge it with power by combining resistance training, flexibility and a high intensity heart rate (HIHR). Our formu+La starts with muscle activation and connecting you to proper form, intrinsically, (small muscles and internal fibers) while concurrently working to fire your extrinsic muscles (the muscles you see when you flex). Proper technique encompasses both internal and external.

Caloric Burn + Lean Muscles

Our signature class, formu+La Body Pilates, engages multiple muscle groups at the same time thus increasing your caloric burn and building lean muscle mass shrinking fat cells which ultimately increases your overall metabolism to burn more calories when you sleep and throughout your day. We minimize rest time by transitioning quickly in between exercises yet maximizing slow twitch control within our movements. This class promotes long lean muscle definition. Our custom formu+La jumpboard will be utilized sporadically for added cardio fat burn it also improves functions of the nervous system.

* Socks with tread required.
* You will sweat, please bring a towel and water.
*Always inform your educator of your injuries, modifications will be provided.

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